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The Flight       

#  Short  Film Collage 2 - Re-examining The Mundane

Before The Flight

Language:  English and Wikang Tagalog
Subtitle:  Chinese and English 
28/10, 16:00-18:00
Sinema Transtopia

CHAN Kiwi, Macau 2022, 37 min.

Europe Premiere

This story follows a group of Filipino domestic helpers, commonly known in Tagalog as “ates”

(older sisters), who are prevented from traveling back home to see their families due to the

pandemic restraints. How do they spend their limited free time?

Director’s Bibliography:

CHAN Kiwi is a reporter and a filmmaker. She Started to do documentaries after studying in

Beijing. She has done some productions before, and hopes to make good documentaries in the


Festivals / Awards:

-Macao Local View Power Program 2021-2022

-On The Road” Macao Youth Film Festival 2022

-HiShorts! Film Festival 2022

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