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Blind Massage        

Blind Massage

Dir. LOU Ye | China, France | 2014 | 115 Min. | Chinese with English Subtitle

Language: Chinese, 
Subtitle:  English 

20/10, 20:00-22:00
Sinema Transtopia


This film, adapted from the novel of the same name by Bi Feiyu, stands apart

from most Chinese mainland literary works that focus on inspirational stories

about people with disabilities. It sensitively captures their emotions and desires.

Presented in a mosaic narrative style, it places blind individuals within the fabric

of human society, where they intersect and intertwine with the sighted,

portraying the joys and sorrows of the blind community.

In the evocative world of Blind Massage, director LOU Ye offers an intimate

and profound glimpse into the lives of visually impaired individuals who work at

a massage parlour in the heart of Nanjing. With masterful artistry, the film

immerses viewers in their world through meticulous camera work and a finely

tuned soundscape that resonates with each tender touch. As the characters

navigate their way in darkness, the film delves into their desires, dreams and

longings. Through this community of the sightless, we become witness to

seduction, suffering and, above all, the search for love.

About the Director

Born in Shanghai in 1965, Lou Ye is a distinguished Chinese screenwriter, director,

and producer. After graduating from the Shanghai School of Fine Arts in 1983 with a

focus on animation, he further honed his craft by enrolling in the Beijing Film

Academy's Filmmaking Department in 1986. As one of the most prominent figures

among China's sixth generation of directors, he has showcased his films at prestigious

festivals such as Cannes, Venice, and Rotterdam. Notably, "Blind Massage" marked his

debut at the Berlinale, solidifying his reputation as a visionary filmmaker.

Festivals / Awards

2014, 64th Berlin International Film Festival

Golden Berlin Bear Award (Nominee) Lou Ye

Silver Berlin Bear Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution Zeng Jian

2014, 51st Golden Horse Film Festival Golden Horse Award

-Best Feature Film Lou Ye

-Best Director (Nominee) Lou Ye

-Best Adapted Screenplay Ma Yingli

-Best Cinematography Zeng Jian

-Best Editing Zhu Lin/Kong Jinlei

-Best Sound Fu Kang

-Best New Performer Zhang Lei

2016, 35th Hong Kong Film Awards

Best Cross-Strait Chinese Language Film (Nominee)

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