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Short Film Program

In the current installment of ICCW, we proudly present two short film programs “Re-making History and Memory” and “Re-examining the Mundane”. These programs traverse a multitude of political landscapes and cultural milieus. Through a rich tapestry of unique and avant-garde perspectives, they engage with the ethereal annals of history and memory, delving into alternative vantage points and fostering an understanding of diverse experiences.

Cultural Circulation 

Through themes of history, memory, human migration, material circulation, and adaptation of cultural symbols, these short films interweave seemingly disparate cultural backgrounds, making them inherently interconnected and interactive.


Diverse Perspectives

Spanning regions from Mainland China to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, and representing diverse ethnicities—including Xinjiang female workers, Filipino domestic helpers, and the Chinese diaspora in the U.S.—these films intersect with experimental artistry. They express a decentralized vision of the Chinese-speaking world, bursting with boundless imagination and cognition. 

Short Film Program 1: Re-making History: Geopolitical Imagination

Symptomatic Silence of Complicit Forgetting juxtaposes stories from three different eras in China, creating a parallel universe where humans and spirits coexist, it delves into collective unconscious silences based on the notion of  “Complicit Forgetting”. An Asian Ghost Story employs the research on the Wig Export Policy as a point of entry, blending fact and fiction and reconstructing the delicate tension between American imperialism and East Asian geopolitics during the Cold War. The Making of Crime Scenes utilizes 3D printing technology and actor interpretations to recreate a political assassination in Taiwan, examining how public and private memories are constructed and perceived.


Symptomatic Silence of Complicit Forgetting



An Asian Ghost Story


The Making of Crime Scenes

Sunday, 22 Oct., 20:00

Short Film Program 2: Re-examining the Mundane: Maverick Perspective (118 Minutes)


32+4 confronts the most intimate traumas in families with the lens. The Silence of Hands captures the laboring hands of Xinjiang female workers, portraying a setting where both  workers and the photographer mutually gaze upon each other, and where the processes of fabric and image production unfold in tandem. A Dog under Bridge adopts a dog's viewpoint, absurdly gazing at the loneliness of city dwellers. The Golden Horse Award-winning animated short film Compound Eyes of Tropical revisits Southeast Asian folktales through the eyes of a fly, reflecting the dynamic interplay of cultural identities, ethnicities, and the transitional essence of both local and global contexts. Before the Flight turns to Filipino domestic workers in Macau, diverging from mainstream narratives about marginalized groups, showcasing the emotions and experiences of these women within their ethnic communities.



The Silence of Hands


A Dog under Bridge



Before the Flight


Compound Eye of Tropical

Saturday, 28 Oct., 16:00

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