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Havana Divas

Language: Cantonese, Spanish and English
Subtitle:   Chinese and English subtitles

21/10, 20:30-22:30
Sinema Transtopia


Dir. S. Louisa WEI | Hong Kong  2023 | 98 Min. Cantonese, Spanish and English
with Chinese and English subtitles
*Director’s Cut, German Premiere* followed by a Q&A Session with the director

Havana Divas zooms in on the life trajectories of two Cuban performers who, following

the guidance of their Chinese fathers, mastered the art of Cantonese opera in Havana.

Accompanied by a soundtrack of Chinese melodies, their life paths unfold and

intertwine against the backdrop of a changing Chinatown; a touching portrayal of stage

sisterhood and cultural belonging through the transnational history of Cantonese opera.

The Cantonese opera from Havana Chinatown, transcending time and borders,

resonates with the dream of diasporic Chinese in search of their cultural roots. Based

on thorough historical research, Havana Diva presents a profoundly moving tale about

the Chinese diaspora in Cuba. This screening, premiering in Berlin, offers audiences

the opportunity to view the latest director's cut version.


Director’s Statement

I am attracted to those who cross boundaries. Caridad and Georgina crossed the

boundary of culture and race as young girls and crossed oceans to see the origin of

their art in their old age. In order to really understand why I was attracted to them at

first sight in 2011, I spent the next six years to explore the historical time and space that

they came across.

About the Director

Dir. S. Louisa Wei, Ph.D. in Film Studies from the University of Alberta, has been

instructing film courses in Hong Kong since 2001. Her journey into documentary

filmmaking began in 2003, leading to the direction of acclaimed films such as "Storm

Under the Sun" (2009) and "Golden Gate Girls" (2014), which have been showcased at

various film festivals around the world.


Festivals / Awards

2018, The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival

2018, Vancouver Asian Film Festival

2018, Women Make Wave International Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

2018, Hainan International Film Festival2019, Cine Cina Film Festival

2022, Festival Cine por Mujeres

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