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ICCW Special Screenings in Paris 

Short Film Program


Language:  Chinese
Subtitle:  English 
28/10, 16:00-18:00
Le Brady

Li Jiahe, China, 2022, 24min

A beer drinking party is organized by the owner of a paper mill “Fat man” and his
employee “Blurred”, in order to celebrate the release of “Bald head” from prison. An
unexpected event forces “Fat man” and “Bald head” to start a search for “a blurred
good place”, with a river and trees...


About The Director
Li Jiahe
In 2017, he entered the photography department of the Film and Television College of
Hebei University of Science and Technology as a fine arts student. During his college
years, he took self-study in directing courses and made several short films, among
which the short film Somewhere was selected as a finalist for Le Cinef Unit of the 75th
Cannes Film Festival.

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