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The Thing
With Feathers       

ICCW Special Screenings in Paris 

Short Film Program

The Thing with Feathers

Language:   German
Subtitle:   English 
25/10, 20:00
Le Brady

Xu Tianlin, Germany, 2022, 20 min.

An Iranian-Afghan family’s life in Germany can be solely seen through their hands.
Iranian doctor Maryam came with her family to Germany for asylum two years ago.
She sticks to a strict daily studying routine, hoping to return to her medical career,
while her husband Hossain takes care of their baby at home. On this day, Hossain has
a job interview at a photo studio, and Maryam, who has to look after her child by
herself, has to reschedule her day.


About The Director
Xu Tianlin is a Chinese filmmaker and media educator based in Hattingen, Germany
and Hangzhou, China. She has an academic background in German studies and
Journalism. After making documentaries for a decade, she directed her debut narrative

short FEDERDING (THE THING WITH FEATHERS). She is also engaged in film
education and is the co-founder of the Studio Klasse Story Lab in Yunnan, dedicated
to running youth film workshops in China.




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