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Dir. Wang Bing | France, Luxembourg, Netherlands|212 Min. 

*Berlin Premiere*

Language: Chinese
Subtitle:  English 

21/10, 12:00 - 15:30
Sinema Transtopia

Step into Zhili, a town 150 km from Shanghai, a place where China’s largest hub for

children’s clothing production can be found. Youth (Spring) intimately captures the

lives of the young workers who hail from rural regions crossed by the Yangtze River.

With personal aspirations as their compass, these individuals must navigate the

challenges of the textile industry, weaving the fabric of their futures amidst the

unrelenting hum of over 18,000 clothing factories. Within this setting, friendships and

romances ebb and flow in sync with the changing seasons, financial conflicts, and the

pull of family pressures.

This is a six-year-long shoot, involving 2,600 hours of footage, where Wang Bing once

again turns his lens toward young factory workers. Throughout this

three-and-a-half-hour viewing experience, we immerse ourselves in the lives of these

individuals, witnessing their ups and downs, materialism, and love amidst the repetitive

and numbing work.


About the Director

Wang Bing is a Chinese director, often referred to as one of the foremost figures in

documentary filmmaking. In 2002, he gained recognition with his nine-hour

documentary "West of the Tracks," portraying the decline of an industrial zone.

Renowned for his independent approach, he delves into challenging topics, capturing

stories like the Anti-Rightist Campaign and life in a psychiatric hospital. With accolades

including a Golden Leopard at Locarno and selections at Cannes, Wang Bing's

profound impact on cinema continues with his latest film "Youth (Spring)," which

premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Festivals / Awards

2023, 76th Cannes Film Festival

-Official Competition - Palme d'Or (Nominee)

-Golden Eye Award - Best Documentary (Nominee)

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